BWAFgaming are a friendly community of gamers from all over the world. Starting as a small group on console, then moving to PC we grew into a large community. Our main focus has always been DayZ and survival games and we have been running popular servers for several years, but we also enjoy a variety of other games too. BWAF have a history of hosting popular in game events, as well as meeting up at gaming conventions and events in real life. We welcome people to join us on our various social media pages and our Discord and game servers. Get involved in the discussion, share all your gaming content, meet up with other players and most of all have fun. You can find all our latest news, social media and Discord links, server info and more below.

EU1 Server

The BlueWaffleAttackForce EU1 Server is our current most populated server. Featuring a wide variety of mods, map addition, new weapons and loot, and much much more. There have been changes to multiple areas of the map to enhance the player experience. We have a huge selection of new amazing clothing items, exclusive weapons and server features. You can go Hunting and Fishing, or grow Cannabis and sell it to a trader to make money, as well as traditional looting. All playstyles are welcomed. The best way to keep up with server news is to join our active Discord or Facebook Communities.

Exclusive BWAF content created by these amazingly talented modders
- Renegade R2K6, Not A Banana, Da0ne, Thurston, Dr J0nes and Baroness

EU2 Server

The BlueWaffleAttackForce EU2 Server is currently a clone of the EU1 server. It is used for testing new mods and server changes, while we wait to use it for its intended purpose. The EU2 server is waiting for the release of the upcoming Expansion Mod. Prepare to go back to the mod times of DayZ but in a new era. The mod is going to be amazing, and due to its nature will be ran on its on server with only a limited amount of other mods. This is because the mod brings with it huge changes to Vanilla DayZ. New vehicles, weapons, basebuilding, trader system and lots more! We are very excited for the mods release and to support it and the hardworking team behind it in any way we can.
For more information on the Expansion mod, checkout their Discord community - https://discord.gg/pe8SNYY

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